Core Competancies

Mechanical Engineering
Public Health Engineering
Refrigeration Engineering

Specialist Areas

Heating Systems
Hot & Cold Water Services
Data Room Cooling, Humidity Control
& Fire Suppression

Edge Design & Build Services Edge Design & Build Services Edge Design & Build Services Edge Design & Build Services Edge Design & Build Services

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Welcome to Edge Design & Build Services Ltd

‘Smoothing out the delivery of building services’

Edge DBS Ltd are a proactive, client focused building services company who ensure quality and project delivery. Once involved in a project; be it pre, during or post contract, our staff express full dedication and commitment to delivering the highest level of quality and assurence for our clients. Projects are fully managed from the initial conception stage through to commissioning and maintenance of plant, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to continual self snagging and quality of workmanship.

Our dynamic team take great pride in expressing their competance and professional standing to achieving the objective; providing the optimum internal environment for buildings and their occupants. Our cost planning know-how provides budgeting certainty to our project partners and end-user clients. Our team utilise a constantly updated costing database to enable accurate projections for all elements of major commercial, industrial and public sector buildings. Our engineers ensure that designs are developed to meet project objectives with a systematic approach to value engineering providing our clients with the best value without any compromise to quality. From the early stages of developing project concepts to effective management of site material, labour and sub-contractor costs, our skills and resources ensure cost confidence for our customers and partners.

We are fully aware that the principle objective for a building services company and the principle requirements of clients is delivery. Delivery of design on time for approval, delivery of materials and equipment to site, delivery of quality, delivery to a set budget and delivery of efficiently performing systems. This can only be achieved through conscientious planning and programming of which we successfully demonstrate day in day out.